About us

Born and raised in Tacoma, Bette Anne Curry has always been a member of the local community. Beginning with Annie Wright, Bette Anne went on to cultivate her skills at Western Culinary Institute (now Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts). Not one to be so easily complacent, her next step was interning in Scotland with a Michelin-starred chef. After this Bette Anne continued to travel around the globe to expand her palate and sample foreign cuisines. From paella in Spain, to sparrow stomach in China, and fish soup in Japan, Bette Anne uses her experiences and knowledge to inspire her when crafting her menus.

From there Bette Anne spent time working at several catering companies before she decided to start one all on her own. Her first business, Chef Bette Anne Catering Company, was opened in 2001, and has been serving customers in the greater Tacoma area for over 15 years. Through this endeavor Bette Anne has been able to pursue her passion of cooking and facilitating events. With a motto of “health and happiness first” Bette Anne has been able to surround herself with a skilled team of chefs and servers. As word spread and her workload increased, Bette Anne found that she needed a space to work out of and call her own.

To that end, in 2010 Bette Anne opened The Gourmet Niche. A commissary kitchen first and foremost, The Gourmet Niche was the perfect place to grow her small business, and provide a space for others who shared similar visions. Through this enterprise, many other small businesses were able to find a landing space and start their production. People such as Boss Mama’s Kitchen, Filipino Style Peanuts, and Paleo Pushers all use The Gourmet Niche as their kitchen.

On the back of the success of The Gourmet Niche, Bette Anne decided once again to try her hand at something new. 2015 saw the establishment of CE Foods, the food wholesale business that Bette Anne created. Wanting to expand and be able to reach more people and businesses in the community is what prompted the formation of CE Foods. Now Bette Anne had another means of sharing her and her team’s confection creations.

Nowadays Bette Anne continues her work with all 3 companies, as well as leading a fulfilling home life with her 2 children.